Jeff & Kristie Irvin

Hi Paula, We wanted to send some pictures of Buck and let you know what a wonderful addition to our family he has made. He is beautiful, smart, extremely loyal and as healthy as they get ! You guys breed wonderful Chessies ! Jeff has done the training and discipline for the most part. I just love and reward with treats. HA ! He is working with him now on tracking downed deer and hunting sheds. Buck certainly loves to please and works hard to do that. We call him our treasure hunter, as he is forever digging around in the woods finding old spoons, gear shift knobs and he even found a knife Jeff lost. At 7 months old, he has learned the commands of sit, down , shake and retrieves his ball with full attention span. He has a natural desire to retrieve. He was very easy to house train even as a young pup. We socialized him very early on and he is wonderful with strangers and children. He also loves to ride in the car and does this with pleasure when told to “load up !” He especially loves trips to our local bank where the tellers always give him a “treat.” One time, when they couldn’t see him in the backseat through the window – they failed to give one. Upon pulling out of the bank he let out a deep bark of dissatisfaction. He is VERY smart and doesn’t miss a thing ! I would recommend you guys to anyone who is serious about owning this wonderful breed of dog.
Jeff and Kristie Irvin – Crossville, TN