Joe And Susan Nierlich

Hello Paula,
Just wanted to write and tell you about Chessika. She is 8 months old now and weighing in at around 70 lbs.
We absolutely love her. She has been the best family dog we could ever ask for.
She is very friendly and wants to greet every one that comes over, but she knows when to be protective to, and she is very protective of her home.
She is beautiful, stubborn and very smart all in one. We put underground fence around five of our acres so she could be free to run.
We trained her very well with that and she knows the
boundaries so well she can run without her collar and not get within 10 feet of it.
She has a huge pond to swim in and you can’t keep her out of that. She chases our goose Fred, but he gives her a run for her money.
Its funny to watch. She loves to play Frisbee. She is currently taking obedience classes and doing super with those.
She passed the beginner classes, so now we have moved on to intermediate. We go every Saturday.
She has an over abundance of toys, and gets fed way to many treats; and she loves to be in your lap.
Oh and I have trained her to give kisses for treats. In other words she is spoiled rotten, I think that pretty much sums op her life.
We are so, so happy with her, she is the greatest, she’s my best when my husband is traveling.
Thanks for giving us such a great addition to our family.
I’ve attached a couple pictures so you can see how big and beautiful she it to us.
Thanks again,
Joe & Susan Nierlich