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The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is the official dog of the State of Maryland and the ONLY American Breed.

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Willow and Cooper –
March 28, 2024



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“First I must say you breed awesome chessies! Her natural retrieving instincts are really showing now. I have been working with her on basic obedience and now have moved on to retrieving;land and water, now that she obeys verbal commands 100% of the time. I know this will message will be longer than I intended,but I’m so proud of this girl! Shelby’s verbal commands include sit,stay,down,up,wait,heel,honor,leave it,shake,get on line,mark,fetch it up and of course no ma’am! I’m walking her two to three times per day offleash already. We have great dog parks here and the dog beach is her favorite. With the warm temps lately we’ve been swimming alot. She retrieves to hand beautifully. She even honors my lab by waiting by my side while he retrieves.”

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