Tod And Lindy Rushing

I though you might like to see how the “pup” we got from you last year is doing.  Daisy now weighs in at about 85 to 90 pounds and has many retrieves to her credit.  More importantly she has definitely become one of the family.  Here is a picture of 3 canada geese and some ducks she retrieved recently in the ice. We are planning on finishing her this spring and possibly doing some trials with her.  She is really a prodigy and does a lot of things for never being “trained”. Daisy had a spectacular first year. She had many retrieves, some of which were spectacular.  Two that I will never forget are two retrieves on crippled geese where she swam about 250 yards chasing the first cripple before she caught it and swam all the way back with the goose nipping at her to the exact spot she entered, and then took a line from me and turned around and swam about 150 to 200 yards to get the other one.  She really has the drive to be something special. Just a little polishing is all she needs.  Daisy is going to be outstanding and she has truly become my “buddy.”  If you put on anything camo, she will not leave your side! Her biggest fault is she thinks she’s human and has basically just become our 3rd child!!!

Hey Paula,
We were looking on your website and thought you might like some updated pictures of Daisy.
Daisy could not be a better dog in both the hunting sense and as a family member.
In the picture she was covered in ice we had to drag her home it was 5 degrees and we had limited but she wasn’t ready to leave.
Once again thought you would like these and she is a wonderful dog.
-Tod Rushing