Brad LaMontagne Jr

Mally came into our life in about June 13, 2009 and has taken over top spot. Within the first week of having her she was sitting, laying, and would heal with a command. After the 2nd month I had her healing and sitting to a whistle already. At 4 months (pic attached) she was doing water retrives on ducks and bumpers. She went on her first dove hunt at at 4 to 5 months. She caught on to that quick retrieving all but the first 2 doves I killed opening day (which was 12). She has duck hunted every weekend of season thus far and at only about 10 months she loves it. I have seen her make 100 to 150 yard retrives on the river and dive for cripples in the timber. This is my first chessie and she has made me a VERY proud owner. The only fault that she has is she loves to chase lights, and sometimes the spotlight from the boat going to the duck blind can be a little difficult LOL. I hope to get many, many years of hunting from her.
Brad LaMontagne Jr – Pleasant View, TN