Elizabeth-Anne & Zac

Dear Paula, We adopted Atticus from Mac and Teagan’s most recent liter.
Atty is now 18 weeks and a little over 30 lbs.
He is both our “angel baby” and our “demon puppy”!
He absolutely loves the water and will retrieve anything (including some toys by name!).
He can sit, come, wait, (on silent hand command too!) drop it, get it, and is now working on laying down and singing (roo-ing on command).
He is wonderful with children and thinks that everyone (four or two legged) is his new best friend!
We spend at least every other weekend at the lake and have made a lot of doggy friends on the river trails where we like to walk.
We honestly never expected that a dog could have this exceptional of a disposition. He is more that we ever expected in so many wonderful ways.
Thank you so much for our best buddy!
We thought you might like to see some of the pictures and videos we have taken of him over the past few months.
Please feel free to share them!
Elizabeth-Anne and Zac