Shelley And Geremy Simpkins

Hi Paula, This is Shelley Simpkins
We purchased a girl pup at Christmas from you.. I would love to get some pics to you but our computer has been down. Just to update you – she is doing great! She is a handful but our little girl. She goes everywhere we go. At 12 weeks she ran a 5k marathon with me and never stopped, she drug me. She has determination beyond belief. She had her on fan club at the race, people that said she couldn’t make it. She did better than most of the adult dogs there!!
She has been duck hunting twice. She did fine and at skeet shooting she retrieves the skeet without being trained at all. She started swimming as soon as we got home in our creek and now I can’t hardly keep her out.. She runs with me several times a week.. We get compliments on her constantly..
We are still trying to decide weather we want to send her off for professional training or try it ourselves. She is super smart but super hardheaded. She sits and knows what no is. She retrieves well but when she is tires she will take her duck and go somewhere else!! LOL
We recently took her to a dog park – even though she has gotten along well with a few dogs at a time, this was a different story. She did not like having all of these larger dogs running around her and wanted to fight them.. Do you have any suggestions?
WI will send pics as soon as I can. Just know she sleeps in our bed and rides to every restaurant we go to, she has been Alabama and Bass Pro Shop etc.. We love her and she is beautiful!
Thanks for giving us a wonderful gift!
Shelley and Jeremy Simpkins