Tracy And Kim Carpenter

Paula, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for our babies. Both Gauge and Huntlee have been such a joy. Gauge was our first Chesapeake and we soon realized he was something special. We also realized when something happens to him we still want to have a part of him. So, of course we returned for Huntlee.
Gauge is like a member of our family. There isn’t enough I can say about him. He is by far the smartest dog we have ever owned and has the most unique personality of any dog I have ever been around. He has just enough aggression to make strangers weary, which we like. He will do whatever is asked of him to the point of climbing on top of the house by ladder. He loves the water and fetching. His athletic ability is absolutely amazing.
Huntlee was our female and our second to buy from you. She was a special baby and five months old when we lost her. There is still plenty to say about her though. We had begun training her to track deer and she was doing a great job. She enjoyed being around the children and was also eager to please. My fondest memory of Huntlee is her bringing her food bowl, with her entire back half wiggling back and forth, growling at us to refill her food bowl.
So, this story is to be continued with our third Chessie from Tennessee River Chesapeake. We have shopped around and chose not to go elsewhere. The quality of dogs that you are producing in our opinions is excellent. We look forward to seeing you in December for another one.
I am including pictures and a link of Gauge climbing a ladder. If you look closely you can also see Huntlee. She was aspiring to be like Gauge. (haha!) As you know she will be greatly missed 🙁
Thank you for everything,
Tracy and Kim Carpenter