Murry Haslip

Hello Mrs. Paula,
My name is Murry Haslip and me and my buddy Dustin purchased 2 dogs from you last year.
They are from the liter born 1-8-12 (Titan and Belle) today they are a year old. My dog Cash has been an absolute joy!
The best thing ever. He is super smart! He has the right amount of aggression and protection. Very athletic, he is retrieving great.
He is a very stong, muscular build, with unbelievable stamina. I have a lot of acreage, and go on daily 4-wheeler rides with Cash leading the way.
Its his favorite thing to do, other than doing water retrieves! He never wants to stop, however I’ve been strict on time when training him, to make sure and not over work him.
I’ve been mentored by my neighbor, who has trained multiple National Field Trial dogs. He also thinks Cash is a special dog.
Being a farmer, I’m able to be with Cash basically all day everyday, he does have a nice kennel with a run space that he enjoys.
He does stay inside at night, he really thinks he’s human! As a person without kids, he is my “kid”! Thanks for breeding great dogs!
I’m wanting to get another Chesssie from you.
When will you be breeding Lucky again?
Thanks again,
Murry Haslip