Families From Past Litters

Hi Paula,

It’s been awhile since I have visited your website to view pictures or notes from owners. So, I did the other night and thought I should take some pictures of Tucker & send to you. I don’t know if you remember me or not but when I initially contacted you in early 2008 I told you I had my Chesapeake – Sawyer (age 12) put down in May 2007. You had a litter ready for pick up around Easter 2008 but they were all spoken for and you put me on the waiting list. Several weeks later I got the call that a family was not going to be able to take the dog they had paid a deposit on because of a family situation that had come up.

So, on Good Friday I travelled all the way from Chattanooga, TN & met my new sidekick “Tucker”. He whined all the way back home and I thought “Oh boy, this is going to be fun, it’s been A LONG time since I have endured puppy stage”. Unlike Sawyer, he learned his name within a week or twoŠSawyer..it was months!! Unlike Sawyer, he didn’t quiet catch on to the potty trainingŠit was almost a full year and I was beginning to wonder if it would ever happenŠwe got closer to the door and closer to the door & we finally made it outside. Other than that, he was the most lovable, laid back puppy I have ever raisedŠnot a digger, not a chewer, definitely a lover. He lacks that total “aggressive” characteristic trait seen in a lot of chessies (particularly Sawyer). Believe me when a stranger comes up to the house, he lets them know he means business, but once they are inside and Mom is talking to them, he’s quickly bringing them a toy to show his acceptance.

I left my corporate job in April ’07 to start my own catering business. My commercial kitchen is on my property. I really don’t know if he would make it if I ever went back to a 8-5 corporate jobŠhe is my sidekickŠalways within 5 steps of me. On days when I shower and head to the kitchen early morningŠhe gets mopey as I get out of the shower. He stands up on the window ledge & it looks like a person is watching for you to come home. He is the most loving, sweet natured dog I have ever had. If I am sitting, he is in my lapŠall 75 pounds!! If I skip a morning runŠyou can be guaranteed he is going to go to his leash and “nose it” prominently so that I get the hint. I often tell him we are going to get a baby brother or sister but he gives me an evil look. Although he does socialize & play well with other dogs when I keep them for friends, I think he is set on being an only child. He has brought me so much joyŠI know the hunters will shake their heads when they see the pictures in the house and not involving ducksŠbut he would be a great hunting dogŠhe did fantastic at obedience school. I would really love to take the time for us to become certified in Pet Therapy but my career just doesn’t allow that freedom right nowŠhopefully one day.

And, maybe one day I’ll talk him into being a big brother!!!

Thanks so much for a terrific Chessie ­ Abbie & Titan should be proud, he was “pick of their litter” in my opinion!!!


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